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The need

The implementation of tools for strategic planning and reporting business performance through metrics has increased during the last years, this generating a more acute need for real-time monitoring of business process performance to drive company performance. 


The benefits of a comprehensive performance management strategy based on technology support can range from lower costs to delivering information insights and improvements in key financial and operational metrics, like improved margins or reduced inventory.


A recent research (Ventana, 2010) presents key findings related to BI and Performance Management:

  • Lack of resources (60%) and lack of a budget (43%) are the two most common barriers to improving BI and performance management.
  • In order to improve decision making, it is important to reduce the number of spreadsheets utilized and expand the usage of performance metrics
  • A significant percentage of the participants said that in the next year or two they will choose hosted software managed off-site or rented software as a service (SaaS) as the means of deploying such software. These methods can be more economical than the traditional on-premises deployment and require fewer in-house resources such as hardware and IT staff.



Selecting the right software can be a difficult task, as many IT solutions are available on the market from smaller or larger vendors. Listed below is a collection of recommended software for Performance Management for strategic level (eab group, 2010).



Brief description

CorVu 5 

A purpose-built application that combines the two key technology components necessary for driving breakthrough performance:


Strategic Management System - a comprehensive system that manages the key business processes that impact strategy execution, including objective management, initiative management, budgeting and planning, risk management and incentives management.  


Performance Metrics - a robust business intelligence platform for automated data exchange, reporting and analysis CorStrategy, CorPlanning, CorRisk, and CorIncentive form the CorVu Strategic Management System. And CorBusiness, the powerful CorVu business intelligence platform, provides enterprise-wide performance metrics.


The Cognos 8 platform provides an open, enterprise-class platform as the foundation required to address performance management needs across the organization. Underpinning Cognos performance management products, it delivers complete, consistent access to information; broad system management and is built on a modern, service-oriented architecture.  

Oracle and Hyperion Business Intelligence Applications 

Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard is a balanced scorecard collaborative certified application that helps companies clearly articulate strategy and goals, communicate them across the enterprise, monitor key performance indicators and improve business alignment. The software offers you complete strategy and accountability-mapping capabilities, as well as Web-based message boards, forums and discussion thread.  

Business Objects XI 3.0 

The BusinessObjects XI 3.0 platform breaks the barriers of traditional business intelligence (BI) to ensure that every person connected within an organization has trusted, immediate access to the business information they need to do their jobs-just as easily as they have access to e-mail or the Internet. It is the first and only BI platform to provide a full spectrum of BI capabilities-ranging from reporting, query and analysis, and dashboards and visualization, to intuitive discovery and advanced predictive analytics capabilities. 

QlikView Small Business Edition (SBE) Server 

The QlikView BI experience enables users to analyze data at the most granular level of detail required, providing insight into the actual events and dependencies informing about the business performance. The application requires working on client server (Small Business), allowing Web working environment (including mobile), with applications running on browsers, through QlikView plug-ins, Java or AJAX.


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