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Operational performance, always a critical capability, is a matter of company survival in an economic recession, requiring better insight in order to reach better management level.


Over the past decade, investments in the development and deployment of scorecard, dashboard and performance alert applications have yielded dividends by making it easier for executives, managers and employees to get useful information on performance results.


According to the Ventana Research, most users believe some or much of their data is out of date, this failing managing to undercut the whole point of these technologies, which is to notify users quickly of performance issues, empower them and guide them to take immediate action (Ventana, 2010).



The IT solutions have the role to support decision making process through real time data and its adequate visualization. Listed below is a collection of recommended software for Performance Management for operational level.



Brief description

Lean Six Sigma Project Management Software 

Sigma Flow’s solution delivers operational-level project management and process productivity tools for superior project execution and collaboration, as well as a web-based repository for portfolio analysis and reporting. This .NET/SQL based solution includes templates specifically for Lean Six Sigma and other leading productivity initiatives.

BIRT OnPerformance 

Based on oftware-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, BIRT OnPerformance is the cloud-based version of the world's leading and most fully featured Performance Management and Executive Dashboard application. It eliminates the need to buy, install, maintain or upgrade any software or hardware - delivering 24 hour access to your Performance Management information and Executive Dashboard options.

IBM Cognos 

The solution offers the operational managers the tools in orders to become performance managers in the department through using integrated reports, metrics and plans based on proven sweet spots of information. It offers new and more effective ways to cut costs, boost margins and manage risk. 

SAP ERP software 

SAP ERP, an application include in SAP Business Suite software, delivers, solutions for Financials, Human Capital Management, Operations and Corporate services. The SAP ERP application supports the essential functions of the business processes and operations efficiently, being tailored made to specific needs of your industry.

Paisley Enterprise GRC / GRC on Demand 

Thomson Reuters offers a comprehensive governance, risk and compliance solution that includes a purpose-built component for operational risk management. The operational risk management functionality enables an organization to track material risks, quantify risk costs, reduce the risk of loss, improve business processes, and empower business process owners by providing greater accountability. Paisley's governance, risk and compliance solutions offer a consistent and sustainable framework for identifying and managing operational risks resulting from failed processes, people, systems or external events.


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