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A recent research (Ventana Research, 2010) presents key findings related to Performance Management:

  • Performance management is a higher priority for larger companies than for midsize ones.
  • Very large organizations also have done new software implementations more often than others (38% by employees and 37% by revenue).
  • Large organisations are defined as having 10,000 or more employees or more than US $10 billion in revenue (Ventana Research, 2010).


The progressive stance of very large organizations is attributed to their need to manage enormous volumes of data and users, having more abundant resources than smaller companies have (Ventana, 2010). Therefore, IT software usage for individual performance management is more frequently implemented in larger organisations, often being a responsibility of the Human Resources department.



Selecting the right software can be a difficult task, especially for individual performance management, as they often need to be adjusted to the HR needs and requirements. Listed below is a collection of recommended software for Performance Management for individual level.



Brief description

iCIMS’ Employee Management software 

The software manages all the employee data within the Talent Platform, through onboarding, employee data management, employee performance review and evaluation, internal job transfers, employee referrals, employee surveys.

Cornerstone Performance Appraisal Software 

Cornerstone Performance provides comprehensive employee performance management tools, including automated performance reviews, SMART Goals setting and alignment, competency assessments, and career development plans. Cornerstone Performance ensures that employee performance translates into organizational performance. Cornerstone also provides Team Manager which allows managers to optimize the daily performance of employees by automating important performance review and goal-setting.

Halogen eAppraisal

Halogen is award-winning, online performance appraisal software that supports organisation to quickly create high-value performance appraisals for all employees. It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with your organization's goals and priorities.

Performance Pro 

Performance Pro is an online employee performance evaluation solution, that saves time, increases productivity and eliminate hassles when administering performance reviews. Performance Pro is designed by HR professionals for companies that require a user-friendly, centralized online solution to streamline and improve employee development and bottom line company performance.


MANAGEtoWIN™ automates the process of managing the performance of employees, contractors and volunteers through: set, track and document progress on goals, document employee behavior, automated performance evaluations, sample of review forms, development plans,etc.


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