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As an online platform for performance management knowledge integration, aims to provide high quality performance management resources essential for grounding performance management initiatives on strong foundations.


The user experience on the site is defined by two activities:



  • Explore the website pages to discover valuable know-how about Performance Management, structured to present the perspective of the team behind 
  • Visitors interested to enrich their understanding of performance management as a discipline through self study will find useful the extensive list of recommended articles, recommended weblinks and books in the Resources and Bookstore sections of the website.
  • The blog is updated regularly with posts that discuss aspects relevant to performance management. Each post offers a fresh approach to exploring performance management, by linking theory with practice, some using methaphors to illustrate how concepts of the discipline relate to everyday life.

Value added: a repository of selected performance management resources, filtered through the insight into the field by tens of thousands of hours of research and practical experience.



  • Visitors' contribution to the content is important to continue the site's growth and improvement. This can be done through sharing ideas, expertise and questions within the forum.

Value added: visitors can not only access high quality content, but can also contribute in sharing ideas and address questions within the forum.


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  • Business professionals from any industry and with any functional role
  • Performance Management practitioners, interested in enriching their understanding of the field and in contributing to its growth
  • Students and researcher




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