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IntegratingPerformance.com is an online platform for integrating performance management knowledge, at strategic, operational and individual levels. It offers high quality content, as well as access to a great variety of resources, enabling visitors to get informed and gain perspective regarding performance management.



  • The Integration section provides a broad perspective over Performance Management, its confluence with other disciplines and its implementation at three different levels. Relevant viewpoints about how performance is defined, what are the levels of performance management implementation and its key benefits are presented in this section.


  • The next three sections, Strategic, Operational and Individual present a complete overview of Performance Management at each of these levels, through analysis of:
- history and evolution
- key theories and criticism
- tools and systems used in performance management implementation
- technology integration
- good practice and key directions for the future.
  • The Blog section contains valuable posts on studies, analyses and other major aspects related to performance management topics.
  • The Resources section is redirected to smartKPIs.com, providing valuable resources for gaining know-how: recommended books, links and articles.



The website management team is based in Melbourne, Australia. The content is provided by a worldwide network of research assistants and users.



IntegratingPerformance.com is managed by eab group Pty. Ltd., a management consulting company specialising in organisational performance architecture.



IntegratingPerformance.com is the result of several years of research in areas related to performance management and measurement.



  • IntegratingPerformance.com was developed to be used as a reliable source of information, supporting performance management knowledge and initiatives for strategic, operational and individual levels.
  • The value added by the site is represented by streamlined access to a rich platform with information about performance management, available in various topics.



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